About Us

Highlights all govt job at one place therefore saving you the hassle of visiting various sites, hence saving time, money and efforts.

You don’t need to click on each job on home page, just hover your mouse and let the job unfold. Keep an eye on status; if it’s green it implies that you are eligible to apply. To enable this function you have to register first.

Clicking on autofilled form generates a form (for jobs where physical form is required) in the format as desired by various govt organizations. Hence you save the mundane task of filling up various forms for jobs. Get registered and let system take care of everything.

Ready Reckoner feature opens a calendar for you and keeps you informed about last dates to apply of all the jobs on site at a glance. Try for yourself and feel the difference.

My Dashboard is a unique concept. Once you register giving your basic details, all jobs which you can apply goes into Matching Jobs header and remains stored there till last date to apply passes. Therefore you don’t miss any opportunity.

Sharing is Knowledge if any of your fellow hisaluite is stuck and have asked something in Chit Chat open forum please help them by posting reply. You never know if you are stuck with something and you get what you  are looking for.